Our Magnificent Kosher Travel Destinations

Nos destinations magnifiques

Nous vous offrons une cuisine casher de haute qualité en safaridans les plus belles et captivantes régions,Les chutes les plus impressionnantes du monde, La ville la plus spectaculaire du monde, et les plus fabuleux sanctuaires de la nature.

Cliquez a gauche et choisissez une des régions les plus captivantes que AKS puisse pour vous organiser une aventure unique au monde.

The great glaciers of Patagonia, are constantly crashing down the Andes Mountains into the Great Lakes of Argentina, creating one of the greatest spectacles in the natural world.

Iguazu Falls, on the Argentina/Brazil border are ranked amongst the world's two greatest waterfalls, rivalled only by Victoria Falls for the title.

They are both wider than the Victoria Falls and greater in terms of average water volume.

The falls are located where the Iguazu River tumbles over the 2.7 wide edge of the Paraná Plateau, though numerous islands in the river separate the falls into between 150-300 smaller waterfalls. and cataracts, varying between 60 to 82 metres (197 to 269 ft), depending on the water level.

The spectacle is literally deafening, and the falls were recently voted one of the New 7 wonders of the natural world.

The falls can be viewed both from the extensive viewing platforms on both sides of the border, and by boat!

The Capital of Argentina, Buenos Aires is the second largest city in South America, and the cultural hub of the continent. It is a top tourist destination, and is known for its European style architecture and rich cultural life, with the highest concentration of theatres in the world. This cultural richness has earned it the nickname "The Paris of South America."

Ushuaia and Tierra del fuego National Park

The Pan American highway makes its dramatic end over 14,000 km from its start in Alaska in the world's southernmost National Park, on the large island of Tierra del Fueggo, amidst breathtaking ocean and mountain scenery.

It is here that the Southern reaches of the Andes mountain range meet the Beagle channel, which links the Southern extremes of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, and the town of Ushuaia, the world's largest city, serves the many cruiseliners on their way around the South American coast and to the nearby Antarctic.

The long summer days which can be accompanied by occasional light summer snowfall, magnificent ocean views and snow-packed peeks, the Sea-facing Martial Glaciar, the emerald lagoon and countless other lakes and valleys, make this a surreal and magnificent venue second to none.

Rio de Janeiro

Angra dos Reis

Bay of Princes- a paradise harbour filled with 365 tropical islands, one for every day of the year!

Explore the islands by foot and by boat whole enjoying the pristine, warm subtropical waters and unspoilt beaches.

Sao Paulo

  • Brazils largest city, financial heart, and one of the world's largest megacities, Sao Paulo seems to stretch endlessly as far as the eye can see.

From the magnificent lookout point at Pico Jaragua, the city covers a huge portion of a green, high lying platuea surrounded by mountains, which slopes down a spectacular escarpment through a series of tunnels to the Atlantic Port of Santos. Besides for the scenic and cultural highlights of this great city, Sao Paulo is all about soccer, and boasts a world-famous Soccer Museum. It also has a large and fascinating Jewish community.


-Brazil's most famous beach resort, Buzios is a subtropical paradise set on a hilly peninsula with spectacular bays, beaches, and ocean views.

  • With plenty of beaches, calm water as well as top surfing spots, to choose from, warm waters, and pleasant weather year round, it is the best place near Rio to get away for a few days of fun in the sun.

The Pantanal Wetlands are the greatest wildlife safari destination in continental South America. African style safaris on open jeeps take you in search of Tapir, Capybara, Ocelot, giant ant-eaters, Macaws, Swamp Deer, Caiman,and of couse the elusive jaguar.

The Galapagos Islands are one of the world's last remaining archipelagos and a beach and safari venue with a time difference.

Due to their locations at the meeting point of 3 ocean currents, they feature incredible biodiversity, with species ranging from tropical iguanas to penguins.

With terrain ranging from forests to desert, each island is unique in terms of scenery and wildlife, as well as incredible beaches ranging from pristine white-sand to volcanic lava, all lapped by turqoise, tropical waters.

The lost city of the Incas, one of the wonders of the ancient world, and one of the most photographed scenic highlights of South America, is now available to "Kosher Safaris" clients. Accessible only by special train, this region is truly remote and is one of the bucket-list favourites of every traveller.

“Expérience inoubliable, la nourriture et logements merveilleux et les vues impressionnantes et mémorables. Mah Rabu Maasecha Hashem!!!!”

– Albert et Miriam Gonter, Brooklyn/New York

“Yoni et sa merveilleuse équipe nous a organisé en safari en Afrique une expérience vraiment magique et inoubliable. Sa planification soigneuse mélangée à une attention sincère et personnelle (et chazanut!) Nous a fait sentir chez soi. Nous le recommandons vivement!”

– Yirmie et Jordie Elkus, Raanana/Israel

“Nous avons eu un événement spécial a célébrer en famille, et nous avons ont été à la recherche d'une expérience excitante et différente. Nous avons été très fortuné lorsque Yoni nous a offert le tour Chobe et les chutes Victoria, ce qui a completé notre visite fut la manière très efficace dont tous les aspects de la planification et la visite elle-même étaient au plus le haut niveau professionnel, les installations casher ont ajouté a ce voyage absolument magnifique.”

– Sender et Zelda Lees, Raanana/Israel

“Nous avons eu une expérience unique en visitant la région Chobe. N’auraient pas pu le faire sans Safaris Casher. Du transport a la nourriture tout était efficacement organisé et exécuté avec compétence. C’est certain que nous allons vous contacter pour d’autres excursions”

– Heidi et Howard Feldman, Johannesburg/South Africa

“Des vacances merveilleuses, et instructifs. On s’est bien amusé. C’était “heimish”. La disponibilité de nourriture casher, la coordination des lodges et l’organisation du safari dans l’ensemble, a certainement faciliter notre séjour avec plaisir”

– Yair et Shoshi Friedman, Raanana/Israel

“Les guides étaient de première classe, l'hébergement était exceptionnel, les repas fraîchement préparés comme dans un des meilleurs restaurant de New York.”

– David et Jane Novick, Dayton/Ohio

“Je vous remercie de nous avoir rendu de si belles vacances qui ont dépassés nos expectatives en tout points de vue.”

– Alan et Miriam Lewis, London/United Kingdom

“Judi et moi voudraient vous remercier pour vos efforts a organiser nos 2 dernières semaines de safari africain. Nous pouvons honnêtement vous admettre que l’expérience a bien dépassé nos expectatives.”

– Emanuel et Judi Kanal, Pittsburgh/Pennsylvania

“Pour nos nouveaux, chers amis: Une superbe performance tres professionnelle! Tous nos besoins étaient pris en charge. Un voyage impressionnant avec de la nourriture incroyable et grands tours.”

– Beryl Eckstein, Brooklyn/New York

“Une experience inoubliable, hautement recommandée”

– David Goldberg, Chicago/Illinois

“Une occasion merveilleuse pour apprécier une expérience unique casher .”

– Dena et Baruch Brody, Houston/Texas

“Des vacances inoubliables!”

– Jesse Berkowitz, Jerusalem/Israel